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Words of Welcome

“The Carbon Challenge: Steps and leaps to master the future” is our motto for UNITECR in Frankfurt. The way to carbon neutrality for our high temperature industries will keep engineers busy for many years to come.

The transformation from carbon to green hydrogen-based steel making and the replacement of fossil fuels in high temperature processes will have an impact on the refractory materials. New technologies will require new lining concepts.
Modified and new refractory lining concepts will also help to save energy and lower the carbon emissions for existing technolohies and processes.

Modern tools such as big data analysis, machine learning, and the development of suitable models will help us to increase the speed of innovation in our industry.

Circular economy is another important aspect in order to preserve limited resources and reduce the ecological footprint in the refractory industry. Regional value chains with close cooperation between suppliers, users, and other involved stake holders are essential.

Prof. Dr. Christos G. Aneziris as Vice President and Chairman of the Scientific Committee and I as President kindly ask you to support us in making the UNITECR 2023 a success.

We would also like to thank the founding member German Refractory Association and its President Ulf Frohneberg for the invitation to Frankfurt, Germany.
Frankfurt am Main provides excellent travel connections and an international flair combined with attractive sightseeing and local specialities in atmospheric traditional quarters.

Please reserve the dates in your calendar and join us in Frankfurt for an interactive conference with fruitful discussions and good times with your fellow members from the refractory world.

Andus Buhr

Andus Buhr