UNITECR President Dr. Andus Buhr said: We are expecting up to 1.000 participants

We're actually on the right track. Currently 963 participants have registered. The names of individual experts on the exhibitor areas are still missing, so we are confident of topping this number.


UNITECR 2023: UNITECR and FIRE – two big events under one roof in Kap Europa, Frankfurt

UNITECR and FIRE – two big events under one roof in Kap Europa, Frankfurt
The World Conference UNITECR will take place in Frankfurt from September 27th to 29th, 2023 in the venue Kap Europa. The day before, on September 26 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., there is already a highlight: the outstanding FIRE Short Course “Drying of refractory castables: from scientific fundamentals to technological applications”.


UNITECR 2023: UNITECR-EarlyBird: 300 euros discount for ticket bookings until July 14, 2023

At the Unified International Technical Conference on Refractories UNITECR, a good 250 speakers from all over the world will be speaking over three days about current developments relating to the manufacture, application or new properties of refractory products. The main theme: The Carbon Challenge.

Until July 14th, participants will receive a discount of € 300 on the conference ticket.


UNITECR 2023: Keynotes and lecture program are taking shape. Speaker Habeck, Jaroni and Yogeshwar

“With our lead topic The Carbon Challenge we have defined three pillars for the UNITECR opening: political framework and customer orientation as well as resilience and sustainability”, explains Thomas Kaczmarek, who is responsible for the overall planning of the Refractory World Conference in Frankfurt.


UNITECR 2023: Gustav Eirich Award offers double prize money. Award ceremony in front of a good 1000 conference participants.

The refractory world is looking at UNITECR 2023 in Germany this year. The World Conference will take place in Frankfurt from September 27th to 29th, 2023. At this conference, the world's leading refractory manufacturers are expected, as well as their customers from the steel or cement industries and or from other segments with high-temperature processes in production.


UNITECR 2023: More than 250 Speaker in three days – that is breaking all records.

After eight years the German Refractory Industry is pleased to host the UNITECR World Conference again in Germany. The event opens from September 27th to 29th, 2023 in Frankfurt.


UNITECR 2023: Successfully addressing science and companies: Over 300 submissions for Technical Conference papers

After the global address, over 320 submissions for presentations were made for the UNITECR conference program. "With the great support in our worldwide network of associations and with the assistance from our media partners, but also through the help of our friends from the refractory industry and their viral distribution and sharing in the social networks, we have received a great deal of encouragement."


UNITECR 2023: Call-for-Papers is extended until 15th December 2022

Speakers are still being sought for the conference program. In the meantime, more than 150 submissions have been received from universities, research and development, refractory companies and customers from applications in the steel, cement and glass industries.


New Booklet for Exhibition and Sponsoring at UNITECR 2023

From 26th – 29th September 2023, the German Refractory Industry will welcome about 1.000 professionals from all over the world to UNITECR in Kap Europa Frankfurt. If companies want to present their range of services to these people they will find everything they need to do in the just launched booklet Exhibition and Sponsoring.


UNITECR 2023: Call-for-Papers

Refractory World Congress 2023: Call for speakers to present their lecture content by November 30, 2022