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UNITECR 2023: Three new Distinguished Life Members honored

Höhr-Grenzhausen, October 4, 2023

During a formal ceremony at the conference dinner of UNITECR on Thursday evening, three individuals were honoured as Distinguished Life Members ⟮DLMs⟯ for their lifetime achievements and outstanding contributions in the field of refractory science and technology or in the field of management and exemplary support of UNITECR's philosophy.

  • Nancy Bunt
  • Christopher Parr
  • Dr. Peter Quirmbach

A total of 15 DLMs participated in the conference. The merits of the three awardees were recognized with prolonged applause, and all DLMs were honoured in a group photo.

Media contact:
Kathrin Kussowski
European Centre for Refractories gGmbH
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