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UNITECR 2023: Refractories presents itself as a sustainable industry. The participants are getting younger and more female.

Höhr-Grenzhausen, October 4, 2023.

The refractories world conference UNITECR ended last Friday with many highlights.  The main theme of the event was "The Carbon Challenge", a current positioning of the refractory industry on the challenges in product manufacturing and application in the customer segments of steel, cement or glass.

The current topic also attracted a much younger field of participants than in the past: "More than 53 percent of the participants were younger than 45, we even had 39 students and were able to welcome 237 female participants," said a pleased Thomas Kaczmarek, who was responsible for the overall organisation.

In the course of the registrations, two special events were prepared for this development: Women@Refractories and Young Professionals.

Media contact:
Kathrin Kussowski
European Centre for Refractories gGmbH
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