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UNITECR 2023: Keynotes and lecture program are taking shape. Speaker Habeck, Jaroni and Yogeshwar

“With our lead topic The Carbon Challenge we have defined three pillars for the UNITECR opening: political framework and customer orientation as well as resilience and sustainability”

explains Thomas Kaczmarek, who is responsible for the overall planning of the Refractory World Conference in Frankfurt.

For the opening was asked Dr. Robert Habeck, German Federal Minister for Economy and Climate Protection to present his view about the interaction and development between business and sustainability for energy-intensive sectors beyond national borders. His commitment is still pending, as dates for EU conferences or the G7 summit have not yet been finalized.

On the customer side, it was possible to win Dr. Marie Jaroni for a Keynote. She leads the team "Decarbonization and Sustainability" at thyssenkrupp Steel and has a decisive influence on the planned opening of the DRI direct reduction plant in 2026. She will present how six million tons of climate-damaging CO2 can be saved annually by 2030.

The physicist and science journalist Ranga Yogeshwar is the third part in the group. He will provide suggestions and impulses for the resilience of our refractory industry. The ability to adapt to changes in framework conditions and customer requirements is highlighted and strengthened through the technology partnership with our customers.

More than 250 oral presentations will be spread over the program until the beginning of May. The nominated abstracts, which will be shown as posters in an accompanying exhibition, will also be presented in a session with short oral lectures poster slam.

Kaczmarek is delighted with this event:

“This is a special status for posters in comparison to other conferences. The three best presentations will be honored with a poster award”.

Afterwards there will be a reception and a poster walk at the exhibition.

With a special newsletter service, anyone interested can follow the current development of the programme, speakers or planned events. More: https://unitecr2023.org/news/

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