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New Booklet for Exhibition and Sponsoring at UNITECR 2023

From 26th – 29th September 2023, the German Refractory Industry will welcome about 1.000 professionals from all over the world to UNITECR in Kap Europa Frankfurt.

„We are looking forward to meet the refractories experts for purchasing/sales, raw materials and production, machine equipment and accessories, as well as the executives from research and development and the qualified young professionals from universities and institutes,“ explains Thomas Kaczmarek, Head of planing for UNITECR 2023.

„Of course, we also expect that our customers from the steel, cement or glass industry and from other sectors are present, too. All the participants will exchange knowledge and experience. They will gather new contacts and cultivate their network.

If companies want to present their range of services to these people, for example with at a trade show booth or with one of the coveted advertising spaces in the building with a logo or a message they will find everything they need to do in the just launched booklet Exhibition and Sponsoring.

The individual opportunities for success are handled by the agency partner m:con

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