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Exhibition and Sponsoring

Registration and Log-In
Please select the option „Register (I have never registered before)“ and enter your data. After the registration you can set your password. Also you will find a detailed overview of the possible and bookable types of participation and a personalized checklist with all the important information about your appearance.

After you have selected your participation, you can book comfortably and receive your confirmation of receipt by e-mail. Further information, such as the service manual for exhibitors, will be deposited after completion.


If you have any questions or need further information, please contact


Lena Bitterlich
Industry & Sales Management
+49 6214 1062 53


Martin Breiter
Industry & Sales Management
+49 6214 1061 28

The German Refractory Association and the European Centre for Refractories commissioned m:con to handle UNITECR 2023.