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German refractory industry to exhibit at the UNITECR international conference

The industry is optimistic about the coming year: conference delegation, presentations and an exhibition stand in Chicago.

The German refractory industry is confident that 2022 will be a good year. Despite all the protective measures against the pandemic there has been no slump in business. In fact, the member companies have experienced high demand for refractory products. “This positive development and the stable outlook in the customer industries are good reasons to look ahead with confidence,” explained Thomas Kaczmarek, Managing Director of the German Refactories Association.

Next year the export-oriented industry will also be participating in the UNITECR international conference in Chicago March 15 to 18, 2022. The Unified International Technical Conference on Refractories showcases innovations and contributes to the exchange of industrial knowledge and technologies concerning refractories from all over the world. Representatives of the refractory industry, research communities and universities in Germany will be presenting papers as part of the program.

The German association, which is also one of the four UNITECR founding members, has an exhibition stand alongside numerous other companies, where it will be providing information about the association and promoting the next international congress in 2023. According to the motto of “The Carbon Challenge – steps and leaps to master the future!”, UNITECR will welcome visitors from all over the world to Germany from September 26 to 29, 2023.

The next host, Ulf Frohneberg Chairman of the board, will invite participants in Chicago to come along to the Kap Europa exhibition venue in Frankfurt in 2023. An introduction to the congress motto will be provided by Dr. Andus Buhr UNITECR 2023 President. Promotion of the German event will commence when the Chicago conference ends. “We’re holding back for the time being and leaving communications up to our colleagues in Chicago,” said Thomas Kaczmarek.

The Refractories Association has a new website at www.dffi.de where visitors can already find information about UNITECR 2023 www.dffi.de/unitecr2023. The program will follow and the registration function is not yet activated. After UNITECR Chicago the campaign will be launched on a tight schedule with the “Call for papers”.

Campaign launch: Spring 2022
Abstract deadline: November 2022
Abstract acceptance: February 2023 Paper / poster submission with registration: June 30, 2023
Start registration: Spring 2023
Media contact:
Susanne Hartoch
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